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‘Mommy can’t do this for much longer’: Waiting for a liver transplant, she prepares her family for the worst

She and her husband, Scott Powers, thought the move would last three months, maybe five. That she would get a new liver and begin the slow process of recovery. Instead, she’s been mired in the bureaucratic process of who gets an organ and who dies. “We’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting,” says Erika, 39. […] - RSS Channel - HP Hero

A baby dugong that became an internet star died with plastic waste in its stomach

The female dugong, named Marium, was found in April off the coast of Krabi, southern Thailand, and photos of her nuzzling marine biologists quickly went viral. When a second orphaned dugong was found, subsequently named Jamil by Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana Rajakanya, the pair became internet stars. Dugongs, a species of sea cow, are listed as […] - RSS Channel - HP Hero

Trump touts US energy production at new plastics plant in campaign-like event

The Shell Pennsylvania Petrochemicals Complex in Monaca, just outside of Pittsburgh, is scheduled to be finished in the early 2020, and will focus on producing plastic made from byproducts of fracking for natural gas. The Appalachian region of Pennsylvania and West Virginia are large fracking producers, and the plant could help revitalize the industry which […] - RSS Channel - HP Hero

A family found a living frog in a carton of organic salad greens. Enjoy your day

A family in North Shore, Wisconsin, found a live frog in its store-bought salad, according to CNN affiliate WTMJ . And the store acknowledges it happens sometimes. It was an ordinary Tuesday for Karlie Allen and her family. After buying groceries from a Pick ‘n Save in Glendale, they began preparing dinner. Then, they found […]