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Abbey Road endures more traffic mayhem as Beatles fans mark last album’s 50th anniversary

Beside the streaks of white paint that mark the zebra crossing on Abbey Road — a site protected since 2010 for its cultural and historical importance — he rattles off Beatles facts, talks about the band’s musical journey and grows ever more excited. Kramer, 40, is here because of “Abbey Road,” the seminal album the […] - RSS Channel - HP Hero

8 famous artists who hid self-portraits in their paintings

This article was published in partnership with Artsy, the global platform for discovering and collecting art. The original article can be seen here . From the 15th century to our current day, the Renaissance maxim holds true: “Every painter paints himself.” Beyond straightforward self-portraits, artists through the ages have left special signatures on their canvases, […] - RSS Channel - HP Hero

20 men sue Madison Square Boys and Girls Club over alleged abuse by ‘Basketball Diaries’ coach and doctor

The complaint alleges gym director Nicholas “Lefty” Antonucci and “pool doctor” Dr. Reginald Archibald routinely and systematically abused boys at the club, and that the club “failed to address sexual abuse which was occurring in plain sight.” Antonucci was featured as Lefty in “The Basketball Diaries,” a memoir by Jim Carroll, the lawsuit states. The […]